PL Government plans to pay gas aid from December 10

The federal government plans to pay the gas allowance, a benefit in the amount of R$52, as of December 10th. The program was launched last Thursday (2) by President Jair (PL) and by the Minister of Citizenship Roma.

Women who are heads of households will have priority to receive the benefit. The Ministry of Justice and Public Security will make available the database on women victims of domestic violence and who are under monitoring of urgent protective measures. The Ministry of Women, Family and Human Rights will complement this database.

For the purposes of the family’s monthly income, benefits granted by will not be counted as income. Receiving other aid is not an impediment to gas aid, the ministry said. It is not necessary to account for the transferred resource.

To verify the benefit amount, the ANP will publish on its website monthly, up to the tenth working day of the month, the average value of the previous six months referring to the national price of the 13 kg LPG cylinder.

The benefit will be granted every two months. The first installment will be paid to around 5.58 million families — the calculation corresponds to 50% of the average price of a 13 kg cylinder of gas in the country.

According to the ANP (National Agency for Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels), the average price of the product last November was around R$100.

According to the ministry, the aid is part of actions to reduce the effects of the price of the product on the budget of low-income families and will be granted to families enrolled in the (Single Registry for Social Programs) with a monthly per capita income of less than half the minimum wage or that have members who receive the BPC (Continued Cash Benefit).

For families enrolled in the payment will be made to the responsible family member, preferably to the woman, who will be previously indicated in the program. For families not registered in the but with BPC beneficiaries, payment will be made to the beneficiary of the benefit or his/her guardian.

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