November 13th Maiara highlighted the artists

In a text published on social media on November 13th highlighted the artists importance for the history of Brazilian art You gave a voice to women You conquered eternity Its on the national and international hit charts On the walls in urban arts on the streets On panels around the world On t-shirts in tattoos in letters in posts in repertoires in prayers and it will be forever in our hearts.

The singer who at the beginning of her career had to deal with comparisons with Marília gradually conquered her own space A declared fan of the owner of the hit Infiel the artist was born in the city of Guarujá on the coast of São Paulo

The first hit was Hard Level Saudade The single released in 2018 was among the ten most played on streaming platforms and radio stations across the country In 2019 she recorded the first DVD entitled Yasmin Santos Ao Vivo em São Paulo At the time the audiovisual project had the participation of Maiara and Maraisa Wesley Safadão Gustavo Mioto and Marília herself.

To R7 the artist spoke about Marílias role in the construction of her musical career The name Marília Mendonça was the first big step for women I believe it was the one who opened the doors for me and many other singers to have the chance to have great visibility today I always wanted to represent women with my voice and she taught me how to do that mainly to read peoples feelings and turn it into music.

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