32 years old gained national News in 2018

Prado 32 years old gained national notoriety with the song in 2018 with the participation of the duo At the time it is worth remembering the country singer was praised by Marília in a video on social networks Sings too much he said.

The singer who has participated in a musical reality show also has some successful compositions Roberta Miranda Edson and Hudson and Rionegro and Solimões are some of the names that have recorded songs written by her.

In October Lauana presented Natural a project composed of three albums recorded in the state of Tocantins where the sertaneja grew up On the occasion in an interview with R7 she spoke about her return to her origins and the repertoire chosen for her last work

The repertoire is very linked to my artistic persona My songs already have this upbeat lively look and in this project it couldnt be different We explored all the sound plurality with other musical styles and for me it was really cool to continue telling my story with this responsibility which is to bring my birthplace and the name of my state he said.

Produced by Gabriel Pascoal the first part of Natural reached the public a little less than a year after the release of the third album Livre The musical project earned Lauana a nomination for a Latin Grammy in 2020 in the best country music album category.

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