VC domination by the Flamengo fans in the streets

After days of domination by the Flamengo fans in the streets of Montevideo the Uruguayan capital gained greener tones this Saturday morning 27 Mainly by bus hundreds of people from Palmeiras crossed the border of the neighboring country just on the eve of the Libertadores decision

According to Brazilian authorities around 50 buses left Brazil yesterday on their way to Uruguay but the main organization at alviverde projected 80 vehicles

Whoever lives from history is a museum fans not only arrived but also declared their meeting point in the Parque Rodó region One of the most famous in Montevideo the park is located in an upscale area of the city and was named after the famous Uruguayan writer José Enrique Rodó

It is in this park that the people from who are in the Uruguayan capital will meet and will depart escorted towards the Stadium stage of the final against Flamengo which is approximately 25 km away.

On the outskirts of the meeting point region Palestinian fans have already taken over a bar called PYG whose pronunciation is similar to pig pig There fans took over the sidewalk and even a strip of the avenue.

The pregame party went through the night and is still lively in the morning Apparently it will continue to accompany the people of Palmeira until the Centenary The departure takes place at 1700 GMT.

Boca JuniorsARG 2000 and 2001In 2000 Boca Juniors beat in the grand final The two matches in the final ended in a draw In the first match 22.

In the second 00 at Morumbi and the match went to a penalty shootout In the maximum penalties Boca won by 4 to 2 In 2001 the Xeneizes faced the Mexicans of Cruz Azul Boca Juniors won the first match in Mexico 10 and lost the second in Argentina also 10 taking the match to the penalty decision Winning on penalties by 31 Boca was once again.

Won the first Libertadores playing against OlimpiaPAR The Uruguayans won the first game 10 and tied the second by 11 In 1961 Palmeiras was the victim of the Aurinegro team On that occasion Peñarol also won the first match by 10 and tied the second by 11 winning the second consecutive title in the first two editions of the competition
Santos 1962 and 1963In 1962 Santos became the first Brazilian club to win.

The grand final was decided in 3 matches The first in Uruguay ended 21 for Santos The second in Brazil resulted in a 32 for the Uruguayan team In the third confrontation Peixe won 30 and settled the bill The following year Santos faced Boca Juniors and won both matches one at Maracanã by 32 and the other.

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