Security forces in Iraq killed AS Militants

The security forces in Iraq killed this Saturday 27 an extremist from the group EI Islamic State during an escape attempt with two other men from the extremist organization all sentenced to life in prison according to an official statement

A joint police and army security force has managed to thwart the attempted escape of three terrorists sentenced to life imprisonment says a statement that does not provide details about his identity They were being held in Taji Prison north of Baghdad according to the text.

The security forces opened fire on seeing them go through the outer wall of the prison They did not obey the warnings one of them was shot down the other two surrendered

After a rapid rise in 2014 in Iraq and neighboring Syria and the conquest of vast territories ISIS saw its caliphate waver under the blow of successive offensives in these two countries

Iraq proclaimed victory against extremists in late 2017 and ISIS was defeated in Syria in March 2019 Extremists remain a threat and continue to carry out attacks in both countries.

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