Greatest champion of Argentina won by 10

The greatest champion of the Libertadores faced NacionalURU and won its first title in the competition The Argentines tied the first game of the confrontation which took place in Uruguay and won the second in Argentina by 10 The following year another Uruguayan representative tried to unseat the Argentines.

Even tried but couldnt defeat the strong team of who won the first game of the final 10 in Argentina lost the second by the same scoreboard and annihilated the Uruguayans in a third game winning.

champion playing against the Peruvians of tying the first game 00 and winning the second in Argentina 21 In 1973 the cup came against.

The two matches ended in a draw the first 11 and the second 00 In the third game the Argentines got the better of them winning 21 In 1974 São Paulo was the victim and the match was also decided in the tiebreaker São Paulo even came close to beating but were defeated 10 in the third clash.

Boca JuniorsARG 1977 and 1978In 1977 Boca Juniors beat Cruzeiro in the grand final On that occasion the Argentines won the first game by 10 lost the second by 10 at Mineirão and drew 00 in the tiebreaker taking the decision to penalties In penalties Boca won 54 In 1978 Boca Juniors beat.

Deportivo CaliCOL with authority The first duel of the title over the Argentines of Newells Old Boys The first game ended 10 for Newells in Argentina The second at Morumbi ended 10 and the match went to a penalty shootout In the dispute Tricolor won by 3 to 2 In 1993 São Paulo was champion with authority against the Chileans from Universidad.

In the first game Tricolor won 51 already paying off the bill The Chileans tried to react winning the return game 20 but the mission was almost impossible and the Brazilian team won thanks to the aggregated score of 53.

Faced the Mexicans of Cruz Azul Boca Juniors won the first match in Mexico 10 and lost the second in Argentina also 10 taking the match to the penalty decision Winning on penalties by 31 Boca was once again consecrated two consecutive champions.

Palmeiras can join a select group of consecutive champion clubs in the Copa Libertadores if they win the continental tournament this Saturday 27 in a clash against Flamengo at the Estadio Centenário de Montevideo in Uruguay In 2000 Verdão hit the crossbar when they lost in the final to Boca Juniors Check out clubs that have already achieved the feat of winning the Libertadores consecutively

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