Application of the 3rd dose is authorized for adults from 18 years of age in the DF

Adults aged 18 or over who took the second dose of the Covid19 vaccine for at least five months may receive the booster dose starting next Monday 29 at health centers in the Federal District

Governor Ibaneis Rocha announced the expansion of the campaign on social networks According to the governor the Ministry of Health sent 86580 doses of the immunizing agent from PfizerBioNTech to the DF on the afternoon of Thursday 25 to be used as a booster for vaccination.

Last week Ibaneis had announced that vaccination with the third dose would occur in a staggered manner according to age and he advanced the immunization with booster for adults from 57 years of age onwards Before that the third dose was given to elderly people aged 60 years and over severely immunosuppressed and health professionals.

According to the Department of Healths vaccinometer panel 755 of the population over 12 years old completed the twodose vaccination schedule Those who took the third dose total 206274 which corresponds to 8 of the population eligible for the vaccine.

The folder intends to promote more DDays to speed up vaccination in the DF In the last edition which took place on November 20 only 59 of the 200000 doses available were applied.

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